Archer’s Post

By TN – Guest Writer

For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his fathers ~ Acts 13:36

He picks up the quiver, checking to see the arrows available. It’s going to be a lovely day, he thinks. Setting out to sharpen each arrow, he removes any rust, oils the metallic parts, and confirms that the shafts are all sharp and ready for their target. Each arrow once readied, is carefully placed back into the quiver and, with the bow over his shoulder and determination as his mate, he ventures into the forest.

It turns out the forest is full of game, just his for the picking. A wry smile forms at the thought of being spoilt for choice. However, there’s one he’s searching for, one so desiring, and he maintains that hunt, undaunted.

His patience bears fruit, his trained eye carefully mapping out and calculating the location, and position, of his unsuspecting target. He needs a perfect shot for this, no doubt. With excitement mounting on him like rain on receptive soil, he selects a specific arrow that will do the job perfectly. Crouching, he places the arrow in position on the bow.

Slowly, with the dexterity of a trained archer, he pulls back as far as the string could possibly go. Wait, he has to recalculate. Adjusting his position to get a better view, he takes aim again, with intent this time. There’s no going back, he’s now almost holding his breath.

Everything’s perfect.

Zap! He lets go and follows through the arrow’s motion; it has been released with blazing determination, a raging, almost palatable, zeal to accomplish ONE mission in the archer’s heart – hitting the TARGET.

As the arrow leaves the bow, as it rips through the air, the preparation, the required speed, and the skill needed to reach its destination have all been provided for… everything necessary for it to fulfill its given mandate.

It maintains the specified direction and blazes through the forest in one swift motion, to do the master’s bidding. It has one mission, one purpose, and a target it must reach, a flaming desire that grows each moment as it nears the bull’s eye. The cry of the falling victim is heard echoing through the vast forest and the archer victoriously walks towards the kill, grateful that his skill and the arrow had done a perfect job.

Being the arrows that we are in God’s hand places a daily mandate upon us to check out if we are fulfilling God’s purpose in our generation. The skill, the zeal, the will, everything we need to hit targets and live out our calling, pleasing the One who has called us, lies deep within each one of us.

Yes, there are times we feel like we are backtracking or being pulled back, times when we see others whizzing past in their careers, buying state of the art guzzlers and building magnificent houses while climbing further up the academic ladder, times when we ask ‘…why does success visit and dwell with everyone else except me?’

Take heart, that is the Archer pulling back the arrow.

For nothing can compare to the fiery blaze we can be once our preparation to live our purpose is complete, once we’ve been released from God’s bow. Creation shall applause as we become the cutting edge in our generation, doing what needs to be done, being the influence that awakens others around us to step into their places of purpose.

That it may be said of us when we are laid to rest, as it was with David – we did, yes, we served God’s purpose in our generation.

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