When the eyes say one thing, and the tongue another, a practiced man relies on the language of the first. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The success of a relationship is built, in part, on how well a couple communicates. That is what breaks down obstacles in a relationship in the quest for mutual respect, trust, affection, love and intimacy. It’s through communication that one will consider their partner as their best friend, by being able to connect deeper with their beloved, share in their emotions, values, thoughts and growth. It’s through communication that one will know their worth in the eyes of their sweetheart.

Yet, though many times in relationships talk is regarded as the best form of expression, it would be foolhardy to assume that only such would command an ocean-going success story. True, talking to our better halves is of utmost priority, but many times we can avoid the hiccups and pitfalls in our relationships, and enjoy each other much more, if only we put in extra effort on the non-verbal.

Just like the lazy old cliché that a picture speaks more than a thousand words, so would yours if you took time to observe, to listen to your partner’s heart, to feel their touch or see their reaction. You should be able to tell what one is feeling, what one is thinking without them uttering a single word.

No one has to talk to be heard. Silence doesn’t make you weaker or a loser in what you could feel is a battle to be right. You may persist with your spoken words, with your vitriol, without realizing that the recipient of such has already zoned out. Being emotionally aware can enable your heartthrob know that you do understand and care about them.

Do they smile when around you? Do you make them trust you? Are you able to notice when they are in an uncomfortable situation and need you to bail them out without them asking? Or can you tell when they are unhappy or not in the mood to talk?

Do they send mixed signals? What’s their touch response or body posture? How close do they stand or sit next to you without feeling awkward? What’s their eye contact like? You should be able to correlate whatever they are saying and the picture they are presenting.

Even a text message may contain the right words, but with Untold, you can decipher the tone, the sarcasm or not. She may tell you she’s fine, he may say he’s never been better, but you’d know if someone is concealing their feelings or not. They may say they love you, but their behavioral expression could have taken a detour to the land of indifference and lack of affection.

Non-verbal is a more natural and unconscious way that enhances what we say, what’s in our thoughts and what we feel. With a connection, you’ll find it was an awesome time spent with your loved one, even when little was said; gazing into each other’s eyes, the cuddle, the hug, the kiss, the emotional bond, the coded body language. Without it, you’ll be lost in a forest looking for a single tree.

Take note of what’s not being said, else the end could be painful, leaving you wondering why you hadn’t seen it coming or why your partner had a strange way of expressing themselves.

Untold. A point is always being made, a marker laid down. When you are busy asking questions, the end could be a full stop.


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