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“Human life is made in God’s image, and that makes it sacred.” Colins S. Smith.

I am not okay. It keeps hitting me like a thunderbolt, this much evil going on in our land. And it borders the absurd. The levels we are now reaching have made a mockery of our humanity, and we are now giving all manner of excuses while we accept that it is actually taking place.

It is not acceptable. It is even worrisome when you consider the future of our children. This nation cannot continue along this path, it cannot keep accommodating this wickedness as a norm. We may have many issues without a number going on around us, but one that really irks me the most is the murder of women.

Look at our media. It has been awash with news of killings within our borders. Most of these involve romantic relationships that have grown sour. Boyfriend butchers girlfriend. Husband kills wife. Agonizingly, it extends to murdering even one’s own children. The news is disheartening. It leaves many concerned. Just what could be going in the minds of the perpetrators of such heinous crimes? Insanity?

Is there a valid or just reason to carry out such criminal and violent acts? Are we dealing with sick people? And while we are in deep conversations with our minds, are we speaking about it? Are we doing anything to address these issues that are now of societal apprehension?

Relationships are the core of our existence as human beings. We all belong to a unit, a family. Not every relationship goes through bliss periods. Some are chaotic. When these relationships are threatened or attacked, then there should be great worry and need to look at this matter closely. Here’s why. Studies have shown women are largely victims of domestic or intimate partner violence.

And it can get fatal.

It could start with a turbo-charged verbal threat loaded with anger, then a slap, a blow to the gut. It then becomes the modus operandi, every other two days or even less. It then turns gruesome, knives, machetes, acid, arson, you name it. You find yourself in the hospital fighting for your life or till time holds still. All these meted on one who was once the darling of his heart, the sun and stars of an exciting love connection.

It is quite upsetting, and, honestly, very freaking. You read the views from human beings justifying some of these killings, murders that have made headlines in the media. How on earth can you validate the loss of one’s life through vicious means? Just what did they do to warrant such? What exactly? Was it deserving?

It’s important for the ladies to look deeper into their relationships. Red flags abound. His character can reveal something after a period of time. Don’t wait for the dawn of reality to strike hard. Domestic abuse is a realism in our society, fatalities are in the record books. It is a plight many women face.

Remember, you can say no to domestic violence. You can leave before it becomes fatal. Listen to those who are concerned about your situation. Don’t lash out at them in anger, asking them to leave you alone. If your man assaults you once, there’s a greater chance that you will be assaulted again. He could be thirsty, each battering he hands you giving him a new high to taste your blood, to see you gone.

And even as I address the women, it does not mean that men are not being assaulted. I empathize with all who are in abusive relationships. You need to leave. Flee. No excuses. Oh, the children. I’m not financially stable. He is not like this all the time. It’s me. I am responsible for his actions. If you keep giving excuses, it might just be too late.

For the men out there, honor the women in your lives. Respect them. Do not mistreat or abuse them. For husbands, as Ephesians 5 states, love your wives. Unconditionally. It’s a command from the Lord. Treat them well, for a man who loves his wife loves himself.

For those in abusive relationships, how I pray that you can understand the love of God that is gentle and kind. He is not an abusive Father. He is a loving God. And He wants what is best for you. He also makes a way out of our troublesome situations.

Violence against women needs to end, it needs to be dealt with. Women are God’s gift to men, to this world.

Let’s keep talking about this issue, let’s help those around us. As government, media, religious organizations, other organizations, and society as a whole. And let’s pray. Let’s purpose.

“Violence against women in all its forms is a human rights violation. It’s not something that any culture, religion or tradition propagates” – Michelle Bachelet


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  1. Great post 🙂

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  2. Kigumz says:

    Thank you#1 Itinerary


  3. TheStreakR says:

    Grave concern that should be highlighted by everyone . Awesome post 👍

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  4. Kigumz says:

    Thank you TheStreakR.


  5. Susan says:

    Well stated. May the Lord help men to consider women as gifts to them.

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  6. Kigumz says:

    Thank you Susan.


  7. Jeniffer Mwangi says:

    A word in season.

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  8. Kigumz says:

    Thank you Jeniffer.


  9. Larry Liza says:

    “You can leave before it becomes fatal. “

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  10. Kigumz says:

    That is true Larry. Thank you.


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